Booking, Website, Point of Sales and Client Management system. Accept bookings and make sales directly from your website.

Ready for your own Website?

Give your business the best start. AltoBook is a customisable web app with hosting, domain, business emails & backups all included. Use the management portal to control your business activities including booking availability, staff timetable, customer relationships & invoice review. It's useful for service industries that make sales online & onsite. AltoBook has everything your business onto the web. Take the next step up from running your business on social media and email. Let us automate your work and free more time for you to do what you love.

Home page of AltoBook app
Clients page of AltoBook app

Beauty, Spa and Groomers Digital Solutions

Use AltoBook to build relationships with your clients, manage their appointments and track their treatments. Accept bookings and make sales directly from your AltoBook web app. Customer registration and online booking will reach customers wherever they are. AltoBook will accept, setup and onboard new customers. AltoBook SaaS is a website that we create for you. We organise the domain, emails, hosting, SSL certification and everything needed. AltoBook is customisable and once running the Admin Portal allows you to manage your

  • Customer Appointments
  • Staff availability
  • Take payments online and in person
  • Track customers through multiple treatment schedules spanning over years
  • Report on business achievements

Booking Management Made Easy

AltoBook allows staff and customers to interact with our cloud-based booking solution from any device, anywhere. Your team can state their availability and your customers can book appointments in those time slots. Our algorithms manage all appointment slots based on when your team is actually available. Pre-appointment reminders and cancellations management stop you from needing to chase customers.

Clients page of AltoBook app
Account page of AltoBook app

Manage your Business in One Place

New service? Just log in and add it. Allow our automated client management algorithms to track your customers payments and treatment schedule. Clients can book and pay for appointments online or in person, sign up to your marketing emails and manage their appointments in account portal. Your team can view and manage their own schedule and you can report on their achievements and availability.


Features and Functionality

Check out what is included with the AltoBook package.

AltoBook Business Website and Hosting on Custom Domain

Byteal will give you a domain name of your choice, host your AltoBook SaaS, a database to manage your business and 20+ email accounts. Once you have shared a bit of information about your business, we can setup your website with you and teach you how to keep it updated. Accessible on all devices and anywhere in the world, AltoBook is a great addition to your business operations.

Booking Management System

No more calendar conflicts. Just log in and say when you can work and when you want your break, then our booking system will calculate the treatments that are available for your clients and only book those that match your availability. Your clients are given reminders before the appointments and can confirm their attendance. This keeps you best informed.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Keep all of your customers from the past, present and future in one place. Track your customers journey with your business. View sales, refunds and treatment plans in AltoBook's cloud-based solution built for forward thinkers in the beauty industry. AltoBook will store all relevant client information and help in generating and sending email marketing campaigns that will help your business grow. AltoBook is GDPR compliant and customer demographic and confidential data is encrypted and stored securely.

Sales Tracker

Whether booked online or in person, our sales tracker will store each service and product sold then give you limitless access to the results. Bookkeeping sales extracts simplify accountancy and monthly reports. Use the sales reporting tool to get the sales information from any period at any time.

Content Management System (CMS)

New service? No problem. Just log in and add it to your services list. The content management system lets you change the treatments text, pricing and information on each of your website pages. Simple website management made for the everyday person. Designed to allow customers to make drastic changes to their website without needing to contact a developer.

Mobile Point of Sales System (mPoS)

Working with our Partners, Sumup and Stripe, we provide a mPoS to take card payment in person. Sumup is integrated with AltoBook SaaS to accept secure online payments. Take payment in person with debit or credit card, and using contactless services including Apple Pay and Google Pay. Terminal payments can be contactless or with pin. Create and manage invoices, generate payment links and gift cards. Access your sales information from anywhere at any time. Within your AltoBook SaaS, customers can see your services, find appointment slots, book, get pre-approved for the appointment and securely pay online a deposit or full price.

Payment methods accepted online and in person:
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AltoBook Cost

Prices include working with Byteal developers to set up your website and a 12-month contract.

Split Fees

£279.99 one off payment &
£29.99 / month

12 Month Contract

After 1 year, £29.99/month

  • AltoBook SaaS
  • Database
  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • 20+ Custom Email Addresses
  • Setup
  • Customisation

All Up Front

£599.99 Full Payment

12 Month Contract

After 1 year, £29.99/month

  • AltoBook SaaS
  • Database
  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • 20+ Custom Email Addresses
  • Setup
  • Customisation


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our most common questions about AltoBook.

  • Setup is simple. Just fill in our Site Details form on what text and images you want on the site and we will put it together for you. It will usually take a few days before it is available for your to show your clients.

  • We want your business to succeed as much as you do. If you have changes that you want made that are not automated then just let us know and we can edit your site for you.

  • Many site modifications are included within your package. If there is a change out of scope then get in contact and we can discuss pricing to suit your situation.

  • Under certain circumstances, we can offer early exit options if you need to end your contract before it is complete.

  • We love talking about our products! If you have any questions on how to use AltoBook or want some one on one tips in getting the most out of AltoBook for your business, then drop us a message or visit us on our online chat.